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The first car to be converted in Norway. Street legal as of 17. February 1997.

Ford Express Electric


Make/Model Ford Express 1986 (similar to Ecostar)
Motor: Advanced DC 9" motor dual shaft

28,5 hp continuos / 100 hp peak

Motor coupling: Clutchless
Transmission: 5 speed manual with Mobil ATF SHC fully synthetic oil
Controller: Curtis 1231C, 144 volt /500amps, 1,5/15 kHz
Batteries 12 Optima Yellow Top 12 volt, semi traction batteries
Instruments: Ammeter, voltmeter and aux. (12 volt) voltmeter
DC/DC converter Vicor VI-L52-EU , 100-200 volt input, 14.5 volt / 13.3 amp output
Cabin heating: 1500W solid-state heater running off the 144 volt..
Battery heating: All batteries in a wooden box in the cargo area. 820W heater with high speed fan. Temperature adjusted to 20 degrees Celsius during winter season.
Charging: One individual charger for each battery. 6 amps constant current until 14,7 volt. 14,7 volt until current drops under 0.7 amps. Finally, 13.7 volt float until unplugging charger. Temperature compensated. Based on Unitrode UC3906 part.
Range: Need to travel a total of only 17 km (10 miles) each day to and from work. Have traveled 37km (23 miles) which resulted in a 65% DOD.
Weight before conversion: 970 kg (was down to 750 kg after removing ICE components) (540 kg in front 430 kg rear).
Weight after conversion: 1130 kg (550 kg in front, 580 kg rear).
Acceleration: 0 - 50 km/h (0-31 mph) 2nd gear: 5 seconds.

More information about my EV

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My Optima Yellow Top batteries in the back of the car

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Clutchless design explained with pictures

This is reuse of the motorbox.

Optima YT Cycle graph

Getting the most out of your Optima Yellow Top batteries

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From the daily life with my EV

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